Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Openbravo Wiki Archive namespace

Openbravo Wiki has currently more than 2.000 articles. Many of these articles are legacy documents that belong to older versions of our projects: user manuals, design documents, old coordination documents, etc. A search in Openbravo Wiki returns as results many legacy documents that are no longer useful making more challenging for users to find the information that they are looking for. With the new categorization system, that was introduced some weeks back, the situation has improved since categories are more usable but there is still room for improvement.

To address this situation, we have created the Openbravo Wiki archive namespace. We have started to move all the articles that we consider legacy to this new namespace. The idea is to keep in the main namespace only documentation that is valid for the current stable version, Openbravo ERP R2.50 nowadays. Additionally, we have modified the search UI for Openbravo Wiki enhance the search user experience.

I think that these changes will improve greatly the experience of all users looking for information.

I want also mention that creation of new categories has been blocked. This has been done to prevent the proliferation of categories that ignored our current category system. Please, contact the Wiki administrators if you need a new category.


Dmitry said...

Hi Jordi,

The idea is great because previous search for information (which I am utilizing a lot as a new user) cause me some disruption.

The only thing that make me a bit unsure is the following.
May be I'm wrong but as if 2.50 is a new release therefore nowadays most widely used release is 2.4x, isn't it so?
If this is the case I think that it could be a good idea to pre-eminently preserve these user's needs and thus add to the main namespace 2.4x information also.

The general rule in this case could be support in the main namespace two latest stable releases.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

For the main release 2.50, there are inconsistent documents.

For example, modularity video tutorials (ERP/2.50/ModularityVideos) and "ERP/2.50/Developers Guide/How To Create and Package a Module"

Jordi Mas said...


We are going to keep 2.40 & 2.50 documentation. To keep only 2.50 was too optimistic since many people is still using 2.40.

Thanks for the suggestion


James cavalino said...

I really love this idea because now the information has become more accessible and very useful for the new user. As a new user I certainly can say that it has improved my efficiency of work.
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