Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Openbravo Forge chat meeting on Monday 11st of May 2009

Since the launch of Openbravo Forge a little more than a month ago, we have received lots of questions and ideas. During the Openbravo World Conference lots of people had questions on how the Forge can help them to be more productive and get more exposure on what they do, something that I briefly explained a few days back.

I would like to organize a chat with all of you to discuss about the Forge. Mainly to:
  • To solve doubts regarding the usage of the Openbravo Forge that you may have
  • Questions on how to develop verticals and extensions through the Forge
  • To answer questions regarding future plans of the Openbravo Forge
  • To get Feedback and ideas for future versions
The details are of the chat are:

Date: Monday 11st of May at 14.00 GMT + 1 (16.00 local time in Spain due to daylight savings). Check the World Clock if you want to check the time in your area.
Where: IRC Network FreeNode at the #openbravo channel
Language: English

I will appreciate if you can participate in the meeting if you have ideas or questions about the Forge.

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Mike said...

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