Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Openbravo community highlights 19th of June 2007

Hello everybody,

There are some news that happened during the past weeks:
  • Joann├Ęs Vermorel informs me that Lokad has added support for Openbravo ERP. Lokad is an online time-series forecast that provides demand forecasting, inventory planning, staff scheduling and capacity optimization.
  • A few people from the Openbravo community have been requesting us to add support in our installers for new platforms. Last week we published the Openbravo R2.22 installers for FreeBSD 6, Linux 64-bits, Solaris Intel and Solaris SPARC.
  • We have started to build a list of special requirements needed in certain regions and countries for ERP systems that may require custom development of Openbravo. This list is aim to help other localizers to identify similar issues in their regions and to collect information about international requirements that may be added in future versions of Openbravo. Please, if you are aware of special needs that Openbravo may need to operate in your region or country added them to list.

That's all for now. If you have any news regarding Openbravo success or efforts, please let me know (jmas at openbravo.com)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Openbravo ERP R2.30 news and updated roadmap

After much effort we have released Openbravo R2.30 alpha version (only with Oracle support for this alpha). A preview version to show what we have been working on the last months. 2.30 alpha had 3.000 downloads in less than two weeks and Openbravo ERP project has been ranked #2 top project in SourceForge since its launch. The new version introduces many new features (like JasperReports integration) and a complete and sexy new look.

Our current tentative schedule for version R2.30 is to release a beta version before the end of June and a final R2.30 version during the first two weeks of July.

We have also updated our roadmap for the next months to accommodate the needs that our users have been pointing out and rescheduled it according to the resources that we have available.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Vote Openbravo for Best Software and Best Software for the Enterprise on SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Awards

Today SourceForge has started the voting for the SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Awards. Openbravo has been hosting its project at SourceForge since April 2006.

From the SourceForge web site you can read:
"The SourceForge.net team is proud to present our second annual Community Choice Awards. Winners are selected by community members like you, and it's that time again! Cast a ballot for your favorite projects now and make your voice heard."
The awards will be given to the winning projects on the 26st of July during the Open Source Convention in Porland.

During the last year we have been working very hard pushing a very ambitious roadmap, opening up our development process, creating documentation (user, developers manuals, and dozens of technical notes), reviewing Openbravo accounting system or designing a new user interface.

Our community has taken the important responsibility of localizating Openbravo to 24 countries making it ready for those countries, giving support to new and already exiting users through our forums, localizing materials to different languages, reporting loads of bugs and enhancements ideas or launching initiatives like Openbravofans in China.

Please consider voting for the Openbravo ERP project under the Best Project for Enterprise category and the Best Project. You have to be a registered SourceForge user to be able to vote.