Friday, June 15, 2007

Openbravo ERP R2.30 news and updated roadmap

After much effort we have released Openbravo R2.30 alpha version (only with Oracle support for this alpha). A preview version to show what we have been working on the last months. 2.30 alpha had 3.000 downloads in less than two weeks and Openbravo ERP project has been ranked #2 top project in SourceForge since its launch. The new version introduces many new features (like JasperReports integration) and a complete and sexy new look.

Our current tentative schedule for version R2.30 is to release a beta version before the end of June and a final R2.30 version during the first two weeks of July.

We have also updated our roadmap for the next months to accommodate the needs that our users have been pointing out and rescheduled it according to the resources that we have available.


knop said...
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knop said...

Good news. But I have a question: have you planned a PostgreSQL version for all these changes? Thanks in advance.

Jordi Mas said...


Yes, we are planing to support PostgreSQL again in the next version.

We did only Oracle because that is our development platform and to add support to PostgreSQL is something that we did not want to do for the alpha version.


David said...

Is R2.2 able to do:

Multi-warehouse? Example, ability to generate report to list item that are in more than one warehouse. Ability to transfer item between warehouses?