Thursday, February 26, 2009

Openbravo ERP Modularity videos available

Modularity is the most important feature debuting in Openbravo ERP R2.50. As a result of the modularity improvements in 2.50, developers will notice the following:
  • Easier to contribute to Openbravo ERP by allowing distributed and decoupled development and maintenance of optional features.
  • A rich set of extensions for the Community to meet their unique business requirements without bloating the core product.
  • Shorter implementation cycles by enabling system integrators to develop micro-vertical templates.
  • Scalable business opportunity by creating modules once that can be easily reused in multiple implementations, or sold to others implementing Openbravo ERP.
As part of the modularity program that we offered during the 2.50 alpha process, we created some videos to explain the main modularity concepts and workflows to the participants. We have just edited and published the videos in Openbravo Wiki.

The videos published are the following:
  • Course Introduction. A high level introduction of Openbravo modularity capabilities and benefits for users and developers.
  • Modularity Concepts‎. An introduction to the main Openbravo modularity concepts, including types of modules, the central repository and the module manager console.
  • Create a module. A description of the steps required to create, register, develop and publish a module.
  • Install a module‎. A step by step tutorial on how to install an Openbravo ERP module.
  • Update a module‎. A step by step tutorial on how to update an Openbravo ERP module.
  • Uninstall a module. A step by step tutorial on how to uninstall an Openbravo ERP module.
In case that you have little time, I strongly recommend you the modularity concepts videos that gives a good overview of Openbravo modularity from a developer's point of view.

If you have any questions regarding modularity please do not hesitate to post them in the Openbravo ERP developers forum.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Single Sign on launched for Openbravo Wiki and Openbravo Issues

Openbravo actually runs, Openbravo Issues, Openbravo Wiki, Openbravo Planet and other web properties to provide services to the Openbravo ecosystem. Nowadays, you have to log individually to every service, which requires authentication. For example, you have to login in Mantis and to our Wiki separately since they work as separated systems. You also may use different usernames and passwords. This situation is going to get more complex as we introduce more web services that require authentication for a full user experience.

To address this situation we have been working on a Single Sign-On solution based on CAS. This will allow users to have a single username and password for all Openbravo web site. More convenient yet, when you are authenticated in one Openbravo web sites you are automatically authenticated into the rest of other sites.

We are planning to enter into production of Single Sign-On in Openbravo web sites by 4th of February 20.00 GMT+1.

Users affected with this migration will be notified by email with any required step that they have to perform.

If you have any issue login into the systems, please let us know sending an email to, specifying your name, the email you entered at the time of registration, the username that you usually employ, and the problem you are experiencing.

Thanks for your support!