Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New category classifications for the Openbravo Wiki

Since its launch, the Openbravo Wiki has been growing steadily. In the last six months the documents published went from 600 to 1040 (as of today). Openbravo Wiki has more than 22.000 unique visitors and 200.000 page views per month. It has become the place of reference for Openbravo documentation sharing, development status and processes.

As a result of this growth, we need to review our categorization policy. Some of the categories contain over 200 articles, which makes it hard to use. When the Wiki was launched, Openbravo POS was not part of Openbravo's portfolio and was never accommodated properly in the Wiki categorization. Additionally, the number of translated documents has also been growing significantly, requiring a new taxonomy to allow them to be on par with those in the English language.

For all these reasons, we have put together a new taxonomy proposal for Openbravo Wiki which aims to fix all these problems. We will move from a flat category structure to a taxonomy with subcategories, and more importantly, the new taxonomy will set the foundation for keeping our Wiki growing while efficiently classifying our content for our users' benefit. We are going to recategorize more than 1.000 documents to accommodate the new category system.

Please let us know if you have comments on the new category proposal, whether you would like to see new categories, or any other suggestion that you may have.

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