Thursday, December 18, 2008

Packt Publishing is looking for an Openbravo ERP book author

The book publisher Packt Publishing is looking for an individual or a group of people that can write a book in English about Openbravo ERP. Their idea is to produce an introductory book that covers the main aspects of Openbravo ERP functionality, installation, configuration and customization. This can be of great help to newcomers to the Openbravo ecosystem.

Packt Publishing specializes in Information Technology and has boasts a large collection of publications in the area of Open Source and open technologies. Its books have a practical approach and focus on sharing the experiences of your fellow IT professionals in adapting and customizing today's application.

If you are interested or you require further details please contact Packt Publishing.


jackthripper said...

Wait a minute, even with your new 12M$, you can't even find any of your employees to write a fucking book about your bloated Compiere poor clone?

Wow, people might just release you have no product behind the hype you bought...

You are all fucked my friends! Crisis time for you now...

Seriously, your announced step by step collapse is very funny to track. Look like a drunk man about to fall, may be a few more steps and...kaboom! That's a bit vicious, but sorry, I can't help it.

And yes, as usual the final word: fuck you Jordi

Jordi Mas said...

I think that that book is a good opportunity for the community not only for Openbravo employees.

Openbravo should focus on creating good product documentation, that is what we are doing[1]



Mike said...

In this post you have provided a good introduction to the main Openbravo modularity concepts, including types of modules, the central repository and the module manager console.
sap erp 6.0