Friday, November 14, 2008

Meritocracy levels in Openbravo ERP and POS projects

In the Openbravo Manifesto that we published in April this year, Openbravo as company leading Openbravo ERP and POS projects committed to a few principles, including meritocracy. Quoting the manifest:

We believe we should gain people's respect and recognition due to our work. We shall always make sure that everybody has access to our open resources on an equal basis and we will accept contributors based on the merit of their work and their skills.

Today we present our meritocracy policy that has the objective of building a meritocracy access system based on community members' reputation. The levels are based on people's technical abilities, skills and shown responsibility. The role names are built on the name of the (b) mark, which we pronounce "obi" (as in letter "o" and letter "b"). On top of providing more responsibility and rights to different services, these levels would be highly visibly and an important indicator of the contributor's reputation within the Openbravo ERP and POS communities.

In the future, these levels will be precomputed automatically from the different Openbravo collaboration sites. Until, this is done, we do maintain the list manually, if you think that you are entitled to be listed please do not hesitate to contact me (jmas at

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