Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why Open source is good according to Google

Today the Internet is thrilled by the imminent launch of a new web browser from Google called Chrome. More details will follow during today but it looks like is going bring more innovation to the web browser space, something like another open source product called Firefox already did in the usability and extensibility area.

A comic from Scott McCloud illustrates the motivations behind Google Chrome and explains why going open source for this product was the right decision from a Google perspective.
Reproduced under a Creative Commons license

Google focuses on why open source is good from a product perspective, mainly because it boosts collaborative efforts and helps to drive innovation.

At Openbravo we think the same. That is the reason why we sponsor a large part of the development of Openbravo POS and ERP and the infrastructure that makes them possible. We are also looking forward to introduce Openbravo ERP R2.50 which will bring a stronger product modularity, something that will be key to allowing to build an ecosystem of solutions around OpenbravoERP.

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