Friday, September 26, 2008

New Openbravo ERP and POS forums to discuss how to contribute

A few days back Carlos Romero was talking about how contributing to Openbravo projects is a win - win proposition. A clear example of this is how the 21 localizations projects that have produced deliverables are benefiting the whole community. In our Contributor's guides for Openbravo ERP and for POS there are more examples of areas where people are actually contributing.

We regularly receive requests asking how people can help Openbravo projects, how they can coordinate with the quality assurance or development teams, how they add a new feature, etc. To easy these conversations we have opened two new forums: Contributing to Openbravo ERP and Contributing to Openbravo POS. The objective of these forums is to provide a place were people can discuss these ideas publically and have more visibility on how they can contribute to Openbravo projects.

Do not hesitate to visit the forums if you have any question or suggestion regarding how to contribute.

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