Monday, July 28, 2008

A new Openbravo Wiki main page rolls out

After a few weeks of work we are very excited to present our new homepage for the Openbravo Wiki.

One of the objectives of the new design was to give its own entity and weight to the Openbravo POS project. This project joined the Openbravo family when the Wiki was already working. In the recent months, Openbravo POS documentation has been growing and required a more nicer fit. Now, when you enter the main page you have two tabs that allow you to switch the content for both projects.

Openbravo Wiki is currently the main entrance to our community with currently 20.715 unique visitors (July 2008) and experiencing a steady monthly grow of 10%. We wanted to give more visibility to other news that happen around the project every week like the blogging and the Subversion activity.

We have a new 'Editorial content' area that will help us to highlight these important issues that have occurred around the project. On the bottom of the page, you have the new collaboration area where you have the fundamental links for these interested in start contributing to the project.

Gil Forcada has been also working on enhancing our documentation for the Wiki and establishing guidelines for the style and the content. Very soon he will be sharing with us some examples of how we can do better documents in the Wiki.

If you have suggestions for improvement let us know.

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