Monday, April 20, 2009

Openbravo World Conference - Community Day 1

Saturday was the first day of the Openbravo World Conference community days. There were around 200 attendees. Lots of conversations and ideas floating around.

In the next days we will be publishing the slides of all the sessions. Let me share with you some insights from the first day of the community days.

Word from the CEO: empowering the ecosystem. Manel Sarasa

Key ideas:
  • Freedom is value for partners, customers and community members
  • Projected the video truth happens from Red Hat to illustrate how disruptive innovative changes like open source end up been adopted
  • There is a failure in the ERP market due to the proprietary market tradition: complex price structures, vendor lock-in. Open source means an ERP for everybody. No company has managed to delivered a win-win proposition to the ERP middle market.
  • Vision: empowering the ecosystem: a modern product, 100% web based with great functionality footprint, delivered and built through freedom, with a great professional offer. It is mission critical, professional services are key to success
  • Some facts about Openbravo. More than 1.250.000 downloads, 5.000 registered developers, 50 localization registered projects, estimated 1.000 implementations, 100 professional partners serving 30 different countries, 100 excellent professionals
The Impact of Open Source in a Down economy. Richard Daley

Key ideas:
  • The time is right for the open source applications now. It has been already for open source operating system vendors like Red Hat
  • Open source is the safer option nowadays (lower risk)
  • At infrastructure tier open source has already consolidated (such as LAMP), now the application tier is consolidating. Increase ratio of adoption of open source solutions
  • Community participation is key for better software, more secure, more international, better supported
  • Lean budgets favor open source. Many open source commercial projects are seeing an increase in activity and commercial operations
  • Open source and cloud computing. Open source has commoditized the software industry, the cloud computing is doing the same for hardware. Cloud computing and software as a service. Benefits: pay as go, reduced operational costs, scalability and availability.
Richard Daley during his key note.

Openbravo in the Ecosystem: Integrate it into the Information System. Sandra Massé

Talend is fully integrated with Openbravo ERP allowing data extract, load and transformation with other systems to Openbravo.

Key ideas:
  • Talend is an open source ETL tool. Reduces the cost compared to proprietary solutions up 20 times.
  • 900.000 product downloads, 20% registered users
  • Challenges: high volumes of data, heterogeneity of the environment, differences in data structures, maintain the consistency of old and new systems
The Case for Openbravo ERP on Ubuntu Server Edition. John Pugh

Canonical and Openbravo are working together to make Openbravo ERP ready for the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Key ideas:
  • Contribution between operating systems and open source applications
  • Community is key to Canonical. LaunchPad.Net, Ubuntu collaboration platform, has more than 12.000 projects registered.
  • Ubuntu server edition was released two years ago and it is a good platform to deploy professional applications
  • Cloud computer included in next release of Ubuntu 9.04 (to be published on the 23rd of April 2009)
Expanding your Market Reach with IBM DB2. Antonio Maranhao and Boris Bialek

IBM is working with Openbravo to adapt Openbravo ERP for DB2 database engine.

Key ideas:
  • IBM DB2 Express edition is available free for download and has a flexible licensing scheme
  • IBM is working on supporting Openbravo ERP on top of DB2 database engine
  • DB2 has compatibility layers what makes very easy to port applications to DB2 and is highly optimized for very demanding environments
Deployment Advances from Sun for the System Integrator. Pedro Yagüe

Sun has been working with Openbravo to enhance the support for OpenSolaris and GlassFish in Openbravo ERP.
  • One of the largest open source vendors: every software asset we produce is open source
  • Sun allows to try and run their software and have special programs for startups.
  • Sun bases its growth with its partners. Sun's partner ecosystem is key to their succeed.
  • Openbravo ERP runs on GlassFish, Sun's application server and is going to be packaged for OpenSolaris.
Jaspersoft Integration with Openbravo. Tim Cloonan

JasperReports is the default report engine behind Openbravo ERP and POS projects.

Key ideas:
  • 10.000 customers in 96 countries. 8 millions downloads, 90.000 members, 350 community projects, 50.000 forums support posts at
  • Report writing is a key part of Openbravo ERP customization
  • Using Jaspersoft iReport, the visual report designer, you can save time lots of time in the report creation process.
Business Momentum Integration. Ron Kramer

Business Momentum have created B-Orange, a solution that integrates Openbravo ERP, Alfresco, Zimbra, Funambol and Magento.

Key ideas:
Qualian Technologies. Case Vaishnovi Infrastructure. Senthil Palanisamy

Implementing Openbravo ERP on a construction equipment company in India.

Key ideas:
  • Customer has 1.000 employees, 1 billion Indian ruppies turn over. Challenges: 100 desktops, independent systems for inventory and accounting, migration from a previous system. Need for new requirements not supported by their legacy system: centralized stock managed, BOM, sales commissions, etc.
  • The implementation has been very successful. Users and managers are happy because the new level of flexibility and functionality gained
Open Sistemas. Bocatta case. Andreu Bartolí (on behalf of Open Sistemas)

Implementing Openbravo POS in Bocatta, one of the largest fast food chain in Spain.

Key ideas:
  • Challenge: have all the different locations linked and integrated in a single system with a powerful POS system
  • Openbravo POS was further develop to accommodate better the fast food restaurant that was contributed back to Openbravo POS project.
Bonware. CaravanTukku case. Ville Lindfors

Implementing Openbravo ERP in a caravan accessory customer.

Key ideas:
  • Challenge: to automate sales, supply chain, invoicing, 200 customers, 2.000 stores doing international trade
  • Benefits: reduced labour costs, post costs (40.000 euros per year), ware activities are streamline
  • Plans to roll the same solution in the same industry and to enhance even further the customer business process

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