Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Openbravo Community Awards winners

Openbravo has organized the Openbravo Community Awards to honor individuals and companies for their outstanding contributions to the Openbravo ERP and POS projects during 2008.

Openbravo Community during the last weeks has nominated first and voted later the people that made a difference for them with their contributions. During the Openbravo World Conference, that occurred last weekend, we revealed the winners of every category.

The Individual Awards acknowledge people that have allocated time and resources to make Openbravo POS or ERP better project. The winners in the group are:

Best Quality Assurance. An individual with outstanding contributions in the area of Quality Assurance

Goes to Naveen Chanda for his participation in the Openbravo ERP 2.40 alpha 2 and 2.35 MP4 testing cycles on a number of platforms and for his active participation in Openbravo ERP forums.

Finalists: Paulo Leandro, Juan Reyes, Ville Lindfors, Jignesh, Ronny G.

Best localizer. An individual with outstanding contributions in the area of localization.

Goes to Mohammad Jaffar Fahmi for his work translating Openbravo POS to Arabic, the most popular locale for Openbravo POS.

Finalists: Kenzo Repole, Jens Wilke.

Best developer. An individual with outstanding contributions in the area of software development.

Goes to Andrej Svininykh for this work on developing several features for Openbravo POS and integrating some new devices like scales and receipt printers.

Finalists: Ville Lindfors, Ronny G, Ben Sommerville.

Best support participant. An individual with outstanding participation in Openbravo support channels.

Goes to Telepieza for his work dedicated in documenting HOWTOs for Openbravo ERP in Spanish (55 of them are currently available)‏.

Finalists: Enric Alegre, Miguel Marquez, Victor Gaspar, Jimm.

The Technology Awards recognize outstanding projects lead by companies or organizations build on top of Openbravo technology. The winners in the group are:

Best localization. An organization with outstanding contributions in the area of localization.

Goes to Amorebieta-Etxanoko Udala for leading the Euskara language translation for Openbravo POS

Finalists: CBT Open, Apal Informatique, Mancomun.org

Best implementation. An organization that has performed an outstanding implementation of Openbravo in a challenging environment.

Goes to Conasa for their work on developing and installing a vertical solution for religious services based on Openbravo ERP 2.40 with PostgreSQL.

Finalists: Qualian Technologies, Microgenesis, Open Sistemas.

Best development. An organization that has performed an outstanding development based on Openbravo.

Goes to Open Sistemas for their work developing many features, now part of Openbravo POS, aimed at the fast food business (for client Bocatta)‏.

Finalists: Open Sistemas and Software Engineering Research Center.

Open Sistemas after receiving their award

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, everybody's contributions are important.

Thanks to everybody that has participated in the nomination and voting process.

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Andrej Svininykh said...

Thank you for the award.

In the future, I will be glad to continue work on the project.

I hope, we can make excellent opened ERP and POS systems.

This is award for my grandfather Yuri.

With Best Regards,

Andrej Svininykh
Project owner of Openbravo POS RU in Google Code