Saturday, March 28, 2009

Openbravo ERP & POS projects have a new home

Hello everybody!

Openbravo ERP & POS projects have a new home:
We have completed the users and forum posts migration that we have previously announced, all the previous forum activity has been migrated to the new Openbravo Forge

The new home includes a complete new forum system with many new features. If you have question regarding the usage of the new Forge, please use the public support forum for Openbravo Forge.


Filip said...

This is a very nice POS software.
I give you my highest recommendations.
Great Job !


Miguel said...

Buenas tardes, Jordi
¿Como hago para "monitorizar" los foros ahora desde Forge de Openbravo? Es decir, para que me lleguen por email cuando alguien publica un post.
Muchas gracias

Jordi Mas said...


No es posible aún:

Lo será en las próximas semanas: