Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Openbravo ERP & Openbravo POS 28th of March projects migration details & tool map

The Openbravo migration to the new Forge will occur Saturday 28th of March starting at 7.00am GMT+1 and it expecting to be completed by 14.00 GMT+1. During this period of time it will not be possible to create new forum messages in the Openbravo ERP & POS forums. The objective of this process is to migrate all the forum posts from SourceForge to the new Forge.

The people working on the migration will be using the Openbravo IRC as communication channel. That is as you know:
Channel name: #openbravo
You are more details in out Wiki about Openbravo chat channels.

On account synchronization

In case that your SourceForge username does not match with your Openbravo Single Sign on username, your previous activity in SourceForge will not be preserved. This is not desirable since you will loose all the recognition of the activity that you have previously generated and its ownership. For example, in my case my user at SourceForge is jordimash but in our Single Sign On system is just jordimas. I'm interested in having my previous activity generated as jordimash mapped to my new Single Sign On user jordimas. If you are in this case, write your details in our Migration Account List and we will do the mapping for your account

Openbravo ERP core project tool map
Openbravo POS core project tool map
If you want to see the new forums, have a look to the Support forum for example. Feel free to post here any question that you have.


Filip said...

This is a very nice POS software.
I give you my highest recommendations.
Great Job !


Ryan Deschaine said...

I Agree that the system offers alot of features, although it is lacking in accepting credit card tips through the system, as the system only does a close of a transaction, and does not allow you to add tip amount and than use the transaction id to add a tip amount. Supposedly this bug has been reported, but no fix is available from May 2009, and its supposed to take 6 days to complete. No fix available.

Ryan Deschaine

Boxen Solutions LLC