Friday, June 13, 2008

Fourth community chat meeting on 18th of June at 14.00 GMT: the roadmap discussion

As many of you already know, we are having bimonthly community chat meetings.

The sole objective is this chat meeting is to discuss with you our planed roadmap. Some of the discussion already has started in our forums following Paolo's call for your feedback.

If you are planning to develop a module or feature for Openbravo this is a good opportunity also to synchronize efforts.

Here you have all the information for the fourth meeting:

Date: 18th of June at 14.00 GMT
Where: IRC Network FreeNode at the #openbravo channel
Language: English

Please, if you are planning to attend it is important that you add your name to the chat meeting web page. If you are not familiar with the chats, we have a Wiki page that explains how to setup the software and get connected.

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