Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Second chat community meeting summary

Today, 22nd of January 14.00 GMT, we had our second community chat meeting at Openbravo to coordinate our efforts and to comment on new developments. We also discussed the topics that people added to the public agenda. We were around 25 participants and we talked for two hours. There is a full log available. You can use the Open Discussion forum or the appropriated forum for your topic if you want to comment something on what has been discussed or you still have a question that we could not answer at the time.

Some highlights from the meeting:

· We comment on our test3 for localized chart of accounts that has been published recently. Previously published tests 1 and 2 verify that the initial client setup can be done correctly and test 3 verifies that balanced sheet is properly balanced.

· Regarding BI (business intelligence) . Openbravo ERP R2.40 does not include a BPM engine but we have an active project for BI. We are still not 100% positive that we will be able to make it in time and if not we would like to descope the feature but keep the schedule. In any case, we are very optimistic about BI. For BPM, we hope to make it in the next release 2.50, but as you know, we publish a road map for one release at a time, so no commitments.

· Openbravo POS. Version 2.0 is scheduled for mid February. There is a description of the bug fixes and new functionality available in the public roadmap. Currently Openbravo POS supports payment using magnetic cards but at this point there is no support for smart cards and payment gateways functionality has to be extended.

· Ricardo from Portugal was asking for SAT support in Openbravo ERP. There is already a message in the forums dicussing the issue and we have agreed to keep the discussion there.

We aim to schedule the next chat during March 2008. Our current tentative date is 18th of March 14.00 GMT. We will keep you posted.

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