Friday, January 25, 2008

Openbravo community highlights 25th of January

Hello everybody,

There are some news that happened during the past weeks:
  • A new forum has been opened for the Openbravo community in Brazil. Many ideas have started to flow already and they have already started to work on translating the little setup guide to Brazilian Portuguese.
  • We have updated the virtual appliances to Openbravo ERP 2.35 MP1. As usual they are available for Xen and VMWare and there are instructions in the Openbravo Wiki that explain how to use them.
  • Asier Zabaleta has put together some documentation on how to quickly hack an Openbravo skin to change its default colors.
  • We have created a new mailing list called openbravo-commits. Every commit to the openbravo Subversion repository generates an email showing who made the change, when they made it, what files and directories changed, and how they changed. Aside from the obvious technical benefits of peer review, very common in open source projects, commit emails help create a sense of community, because they establish a shared environment in which people can react to events (commits) that they know are visible to others as well.
  • There is a also a new list called openbravo-development, that is a general development mailing list.
That's all for now. If you have any news regarding Openbravo success or efforts, please let me know (jmas at

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