Friday, December 21, 2007

Openbravo and eZ Publish interoperability

Jordi Massaguer Pla has just published the connector that allows Openbravo ERP and eZ Publish to interoperate.

To integrate Openbravo with an e-commerce solution has been a common request from our community that can now be accomplish using eZ Publish.

In the eZforOb project page you have the file for download and all the technical details and instructions explaining how to install the solution. The integration is done using Openbravo web services.

The work has been done by Opentrends that kindly have make the effort to polishing the integration and publishing it. This work is publish as "it is".

Update: Jordi has published some documentation about this integration.


egil said...

Nice with a new integration between eZ Publish and an ERP system, especially since it's an open source based ERP system.

I just have one question.In the description on it's written that: "eZ core has been modified". Those this means you need to hack the eZ kernel in order to make this extension work, or simply that the extension add extra functionality to the eZ core ?

Great job !

Best regards
Egil Fujikawa Nes

Jordi Massaguer i Pla said...

There are some changes that are needed, like the one that lets you search even when the main product is invisible[1], and some others that are recommended, like the one that does not let you either add or remove products from the eZ interface, but only from the ERP interface.

The multiple ubication (ubicate multiple elements in one click) adds a new functionality that is very interesting, too, as the main node is invisible and you must ubicate all the products. This is not needed or recommended, but very usable.


[1] You can find this as a contribution but itself at

Albert said...

Hola Jordi,
Estem molt interessats en el vosre ERP, i més ara que has integrat la possibilitat de enllaçar amb un sistema ecommerce.
A part de l'ecommerce, tenim integrat el software amb algun CRM per tenir un control d'asistència i incidències dels clients tipus Vtiger CRM?

Ens hem intentat posar en contacte amb Open Bravo però encara no hem rebut resposta.
Som una empresa integradora de serveis de VoIP sota Open Source.
Gracies i fins aviat.

Anonymous said...

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jerry said...

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