Thursday, November 29, 2007

First chat community meeting done!

Last Tuesday, 27th of November 14.00 GMT, we had our first community chat meeting at Openbravo to coordinate our efforts and to comment on new developments. We also discussed the topics that people added to the public agenda. We were around 30 participants and we talked for two hours. There is a full log available. You can use the Open Discussion forum if you want to comment something on what has been discussed.

We really appreciate your participation and feedback. As action points for Openbravo before the next chat I have:
  • Localization/Accounting: Publish the 3rd test of our chart of accounts quality assurance process. Tests 1 and 2 (already available) verify that the initial client setup can be done correctly and the new one will verify that balanced sheet is properly balanced.
  • Localization/Translations: Publish a new set of tools to transform from Openbravo XML to Openbravo. Jens Wike wrote some tools and we are in the process of publishing them.
  • Development: Create a public development announcement mailing list to inform of important changes from a development point of view
We aim to schedule the next chat during December. We probably will do it between the 17th and 21th of December when people is not yet in their Xmas break. We will keep you posted.

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