Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Openbravo community highlights 2nd of October

Hello everybody,

There are some news that happened during the past weeks:
  • Openbravo product roadmap has been updated. It reflects the major releases that we are planing to produce.
  • We have started to collect feedback about how to improve our Wiki that is currently our main point for documentation. Check the ideas that we have until now and feel free to include yours.
  • In the last weeks we have released the localizations for Australia and Brazil. Localizations for Galicia, France, Iran, South Africa have some results published that you can start to test them (they are in Subversion since they are not released yet) and help to enhance their quality giving your feedback.
  • In the documentation front there are lots of news thanks to the many contributions that we are getting:
    • A German and Spanish specific documentation sections on the Wiki that collect all the documentation available for Openbravo on those languages.
    • User Migration guide for Openbravo R2.3, that explains the User Interface differences between the Openbravo 2.33 version and the previous versions.
    • Rapid Openbravo Development using Eclipse IDE, that explains how to setup an Openbravo development environment using Eclipse.
    • A little setup guide, that explains how to quickly setup Openbravo for a production environment.
    • A document that explains how to define new Skins (look and feel) for Openbravo.
    • Many contributors new to source control systems have not used Subversion before. We created a document that explains how to use Subversion in the Openbravo project.
That's all for now. If you have any news regarding Openbravo success or efforts, please let me know (jmas at openbravo.com)

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