Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Openbravo workshop in LinuxTag to review the German localization

Jens Wilke (from Headissue GmbH) has organised a workshop next Thursday, 31 of May in the LinuxTag in Berlin, Germany.

As you know Jens Wilke and Birgit Matthaei have been doing an extraordinary work localizing Openbravo for Germany. They have already a translation into German language (except for the Help file) and also a beta version of the an account of charts file for Germany.

Jens will give a short introduction to Openbravo and gives a status of the ongoing German localization effort. After that a discussion is planed to brainstorm what adoptions and functionality is important for Germany (such as electronic tax filing) and what the (German) users expect from the system.

Everyone is invited to participate and give a feedback on who to prioritize and organize the further activities. If you are working on other Openbravo localization, feel also free to show up and comment with us how is your effort going.

More details: Openbravo ERP - Einf├╝hrung und Status der deutschen Anpassung

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