Sunday, May 20, 2007

More resources for developers

We are very excited. In the next few days Openbravo R2.30 beta version is going to be released. It is going to be an important milestone for our users and developers, introducing among others, a new user interface.

Since the beginning we envision Openbravo as a web based ERP and also as a platform capable of developing web-based applications following a MDD/MVC architecture completely decoupled from the ERP.

Last week we published Openbravo Entity-Relationship (E/R) database diagram, a fundamental tool for those willing to customize Openbravo for their needs or for people willing to develop verticals or do custom development. The E/R diagram provides a clear picture of how Openbravo functionality is related to the data model.

Also, another important document that has entered a beta from this week is Openbravo Developers Manual. As the name indicates, its aim is to provide a full reference for those interested in new Openbravo functionalities, verticals or customizations for specific customer needs. We really appreciate any feedback on these documents.

And finally, we have updated the look of Openbravo Wiki, the central point to obtain documentation for Openbravo project.

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