Friday, June 26, 2009

Contributing to Openbravo ERP QA efforts


Quality Assurance is key for having successful software products. Openbravo projects follow an open development process that allows everybody to take part in any part of the development process. Let me describe how you can get involved in the Quality Assurance processes for Openbravo ERP.

Before getting started we recommend that you read the following documents to get familiar with the main Openbravo development concepts and processes:
Openbravo testing methodologies

At Openbravo the following testing methodologies are combined to assurance the product's quality:
  • Test cases: These area a set of well defined steps, execution preconditions, and expected results to exercise a particular program scenario or to verify compliance with a specific requirement. For managing test cases TestLink is used.
  • Automated testing at Openbravo to automate the testing of Openbravo ERP using test cases.
  • Unit testing using pieces of code that verify that functionality of different Openbravo ERP components. Currently in early stage using JUnit.
How you can help

Testing early releases

In the Openbravo ERP Early Releases Discussion forum we announce new alpha and beta versions that people can help to test.

Things that you can do to help:
  • Verify that bugs that this release addresses have been fixed.
  • Executing test cases to make sure that the functionality works.
  • Test the new functionality and make sure that works properly.
  • Reporting new issue introduced in this release.
Reporting issues on any version

Have you found a bug? Please, report it to us using our bug database. Make sure that you carefully read our Bug Reporting Guidelines before submitting your bug report.

Contributing test cases

For every release of Openbravo, at Openbravo's TestLink you have the collection of cases that are executed to verify the compliance of requirements. These test cases focus on assurance the coverage of the major use cases but not all the cases.

You can contribute by providing new test cases that you think that are important for Openbravo to include as part of our test plan (collection of cases) for every release or also cases that you think are critical for a specific module, industry or market segment.

Reaching Openbravo QA team


gnuyoga said...

great post !

i am trying to protype writing test case using jruby or jython which can make things faster also add selenium grid to make smoke test faster. will keep you posted.

Tani said...

Let me describe how you can get involved in the Quality Assurance processes for Openbravo ERP.Before getting started we recommend to read more about openbravo ERP.
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